Many TV Fans are nervous… many great shows have been cancelled already this year, and there were some rumours about Ugly Betty getting cancelled too…

Well, nothing´s true about it… Ugly Betty´s not getting cancelled!!! Yay!!!

Ugly Betty role star Michael Urie, who plays Marc St. James in the show tells it better in his own blog:

come on, really? Here are the facts:

We are going to finish shooting our original 3rd season order – 24
episodes (currently on 16).

At the end of March, we’re going off the air for a while, at a time
when we would normally be on for a few weeks, off for a few,
confusing and angering fans with repeats.

In June, we come back, and finish the last 6 episodes of the season
without interruption!

This has been done with lots of ABC shows over time, like LOST and
Desperate Housewives. We’ve got great real estate on Thursday nights
at 8pm, and the network wants to share it with other shows! It makes

Doesn’t mean the end of Betty.

keep watching!!!! In fact, go buy some episodes on iTunes for fun!


Also, the TVAddict is fantasizing about a spin off featruing Marc and Amanda… He even went all theway and named it: Marc and Amanda take Manhattan!!!

Love it! Don´t you?