shameless-spoilers-quotes-three-boysWho could keep saying that TV is a little brother to movies? Nobody, at least not for a long time. And now even more stars are getting the TV love.

Shameless is one of the reasons why we can say that TV is in a Golden Age.

I had the chance to watch a screener to bring tons of spoilers of Showtime´s Shameless S01E05 called Three Boys, knowing that Kevin is already married, Fiona tries to talk Veronica out of moving forward with the marriage. After Veronica’s mother dangles a cash gift for her wedding day as an incentive, Fiona and the Gallagher’s pitch in to help pull off the fake wedding of the year. Steve busies himself on a hunt to steal the perfect Lexus and Fiona finds herself in the passenger seat. Ian and Kash try to take their relationship a little further, but Ian may not be ready. Meanwhile, during a routine medical disability examination, Frank learns that he has a tumor. He spirals out of control as he deals with the news.

This episode was written by Alex Borstein and directed by Mimi Leder.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Shameless S01E05 Three Boys

Fiona: Wasn´t he drunk when he proposed?
Veronica: Oh yeah. It was like that David Hasselhoff video eating a cheeseburger

Girl on Bathroom: Six month into the marriage I found out he was fucking my sister
Veronica: And the moral of the story is?
Girl on Bathroom: My sister´s a bitch

Fiona: The way it seems now between you and Kevin are perfect. Why ruin it?

Frank: That´s what I get, but I can do this (move the neck)

Frank: I bet it itches like you got crab down there

Kev: I have a present for you

Kev: What about the gay people?
Veronica: They got the parade. They can wait

Lip: What´s that? More piss food?
Fiona: You bet it

Frank: I got an extra guy down there. What´s the problem?
Doctor: Normal number´s two

Kev: I can´t marry you Veronica. I´m already married

Veronica: You look like a douchebag with that mullet

Frank: Oh God, I´m gonna die

Kev: I´m pretty sure bigamy is still a felony in the state of Illinois

Veronica: Wedding´s not gonna work. Mama wants a real priest

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