Sitcom star and Celebrity Apprentice Alum Sinbad is on an all new WeTV Series Sinbads moving back in with his ex, the kids are all grown up, and everyone is living under one roof!

On Tuesday, May 3 at 10pm ET/PT, after some housecleaning, Sinbad feels nostalgic for the good old days and family gatherings. So, to help cheer him up, the family decides to throw a cookout for family and friends. But a BBQ isn’t as simple as it may seem for Sinbad and his family. First, they need a new grill. Then, they need to assemble the grill. Next comes haggling with the butcher for meat, while Paige and Meredith have a bake-off for the best dessert. And when Sinbad and Royce encounter a snake while cleaning up the backyard, it’s up to them to man up and get rid of it. Meanwhile, Royce is planning a secret — a special surprise for dad Sinbad. It’s a BBQ just like old times. But when Sinbad’s father arrives, he’s got a little something to say about how his son is manning the grill!

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Sinbad on “haggling” for Deals:
“Okay, if you can’t haggle man, just give up your man card. Just go to the man window. I’m trying to give my man card back ‘cause I can’t haggle.”

Sinbad on Buying Meat From the Butcher:
“He says man, this is how much this rump roasts is, this is how much this sirloin, this is how much this Kobe is. Man, how do you know it’s Kobe? What a Kobe cow? I’ve never seen a Kobe cow in my life. I’m from Michigan, a cow is a cow. They came up with that mess, like aliens.”

Sinbad on Grilling Meat in Hot Weather:
“I’m grilling in hot weather, man…I’m burning up and, the heat, I’m sweating. But some of that sweat juice is good for the meat. Sometimes a piece of me is on the meat. So when you’re eating some of that barbecue you have some of Sinbad. So they say man I love your sauce, I know you do ‘cause that’s me. “

Sinbad on How to be a “Grill Master”:
“You know, man, to be a true grill master, I’m gonna tell you something… You got (to have) the barbecue gene. Plus they all weigh 375 pounds. You got to be big to make meat like that. You got to have a lot of meat to understand meat.

Then on, Tuesday, May 10 at 10pm ET/PT, with the house falling apart at every turn, Sinbad is forced to pour money into repairs.  Although he’s looking forward to some serious “me-time” and the opportunity to squeeze in a guitar lesson, he learns that Meredith and Paige are off running errands for the day and discovers that HE must wait around for the repair man to come. Sinbad enlists Royce’s help, only to find out that he is in the midst of turning the family’s guesthouse into his own personal space. While Sinbad argues with Royce over the situation, he ends up missing the cable guy and having to chase after him, just as the garage repairmen arrive on the scene. But when Sinbad finds out that Royce is not out of the guesthouse as they discussed, tensions flare between father and son…and the parade of carpenters and plumbers running throughout the house aren’t helping to calm things down!

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