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Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Diane Loved the movie and adored the series... Bring it back! This needs to be developed and fine tuned... Great concept and great cast...
steph Whoever the retard in charge was who made the decision to cancel Eastwick should LOSE THEIR JOB. If there are execs who are happening to read over these comments, if you read no other comments, READ THIS ONE: It is SAD that they lack the PERCEPTION to realize that this show - if left on the air - WILL ATTRACT SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION. So many people I know talk about and make sure they are home in time to watch THIS ONE PROGRAM. ABC has no idea of the demographics they are hitting so thoroughly with this Show - NO IDEA. You execs have to be PATIENT and not worry about your ratings all the time -- shows like this will be huge because so many people love it now. Stop being so short-sighted and leave a wonderfully fantastic show ON THE AIR. There are aspects of this show that so many of us viewers relate to and LOVE ferociously!!!! If you take this show off it will be a wonderful demonstration of ABC's lack of INSIGHT and inability to make sound choices. Just be PATIENT and PLEASE LEAVE IT ON THE AIR. THIS SHOW IS WHAT I LOOK FORWARD TO EACH WEDNESDAY.