Pretty-Little-Liars-filming-locations-mapYou know I´m doing Fan Maps, right? Well, After doing Storage Wars Map, Alcatraz Locations Map and Covert Affairs Locations and Missions Map, and the Glee fan Map, it was time for Pretty Little Liars to get its map of locations done.

And Pretty Little Liars is based on the fictional city of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, and the show is mainly studio done, but there are a some places where the show was filmed, and there are some locations of Pretty Little Liars to review.

What is in this Pretty Little Liars Locations Map?

The complete list of Pretty Little Liars places and some of the locations where filming occurred. In some cases in this map there´s only a city marked because that´s all the info we got from watching the episodes, in other cases, we go so deep we get the exact addressThe map is embedded here, and you can see the Red markers are Filming Locations featured in Pretty Little Liars, while green markers are for storyline locations.

Please help me in keeping it updated. Point me out in the comments if I´m missing some place, if there´s a new one to add, or anything or, help me edit the map itself.

Here´s the full list of references so you can search the one you are most interested in:

Pretty little liars locations Map References

1- Warner Bros Studio
After the pilot was shot in VAncouver, the show moved here for

all locations. Some exteriors are done in locations listed in this


2- Vancouver
City where the pilot was filmed

3- Lord Byng Secondary School
Rosewood High Filming Location.
A lot of films were filmed here also, like X-Men Origins:

Wolverine, The X Files, Masters of Horror, Hollow Man 2, Mr

Young, Saving Silverman, 21 Jump Street and The Boy Who could


4- Ohio State University
The campus filmed for Hollis College. The building shown in

the main shot is University Hall, shot from the main oval.

5- Rosewood is located in Pennsylvania, somewhere outside

Philadelphia. It is a fictional place.

6- Hollis College
It is an actual nonfictional college in Hollis, New Hampshire.

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