jeanine won so you think you can dance america favourite dancerOk, I waited long enough so no one gets spoiled…

But now it´s time to unleash the celebrating beast inside.

Yay! Jeanine won So You Think You Can Dance Season 5

So, are you happy with the results?

Complete Recap of So You Think You Can Dance Finale: Jeanine´s the winner of So You Think You Can Dance  Season Five

There are 3,500 screaming fans in the Kodak theater Cat tells us (the screaming part we can tell for ourselves).

All 20 dancers return for “A Brand New Day” from “The Wiz.” The crowd goes nuts as Diana Ross sings on the recording for a rousing number that involves funky jazz, some couples work and one very large picture frame.

Kitty Cat returns, to highlight the top four – Kayla, Evan, Jeanine and Brandon. She tells us there were a record breaking 21.6 million votes after last night’s performance. She promises highlights from the season and points out the judges: Lil’ C, Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lithgoe.

Recap fun begins: back to the audition cities we go. Kids on the street, backflips, some bad splits, a few stage drives, the “there’s nothing like a naughty ballerina” comment and lots of Mary screaming, Natalie going home, crying, the selection of the top 20, guest judge Ellen DeGeneres saying “Are you two carpenters? Because you nailed it”….

Then it’s time for a recap of last night: Jeanine and Evan’s jazz routine and Nigel reminding her it’s an enormous stage and she has to perform big and saying it’s the last time he wants to see Evan thrown around. Then Kayla and Brandon in a Broadway number and Mary calling them “front runners” and Nigel sharing about his heart attack. Then Evan and Brandon in a pop piece to Ms. Jackson’s “Nasty Boys” and Mary asking if it’s the nastiest thing he’s ever done. Jeanine and Kayla in a contemporary routine — the dance of the seven veils that Nigel wanted to see go on longer. Kayla and Evan going country-Western with the jive and the crowd chanting for Evan. Jeanine and Brandon in black leather doing the paso doble and Nigel and Mary in a scream-off and him agreeing on the front runner status. Then their solo performances and more praise all around.

Then it’s time for the judges to pick their favorite routines. Adam goes with the first number of the season that started Jeanine’s rise to dominate in the final four, a hip hop number by Tabitha and Napoleon with Jeanine and Phillip to “Mad” that’s an argument to a ballad that ends with a cuddle.

Then Nigel goes with Libertango, an Argentine tango, danced by Janette and Brandon to “Forever Tango.” It brings the crowd to its feet and has Cat speaking Spanish (“muy caliente”).

Debbie Allen picks a waltz choreographed by Louis van Amstel that she thought was very romantic and graceful. Set to Enya’s “Drams are More Precious,” it’s danced by Asuka and Vitolio.

Cat takes yet another moment to point out Mary’s enormous diamonds and then Mary introduces her favorite by saying it was the first time a couple danced together. The crowd goes wild. Travis Wall choreographed a relationship set to music with Jeanine and Jason to “If it Kills Me” by Jason Mraz. You may know it as the one in which they smooch. (Which they do again.)

Mia picks a “smoking hot” samba from the first show, danced by Max and Kayla, choreographed by Louis van Amstel to “Jum Bah Bay” by House of Gypsies. Kayla shakes her pink fringe all over again.

Cat introduces some video footage with the top four prepping for a surprise. They take a limo to MGM to be the first to see “Fame” starring past contestant Kherington Payne and Debbie Allen (who was in the first one).

Then Debbie picks another fave, a group routine that mixed hip hop and samba and was choreographed by Dimitri and Tabitha & Napoleon to “Calle Ocho (I know you want me)” by Pitbull that features the ladies on tables in puddles of water and some nasty business.

Nigel introduces the next guest: Talia Fowler, winner of the Australian version of the show.

Lil C goes with Caitlin and Jason dancing to the Bollywood “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Then it’s finally time for the top four to come out for some news. Cat announces the person in fourth place…Kayla. Hugs all around as Cat introduces some highlight clips, featuring some good grandparents moments. “Dancing is a way for me to let all my feelings and emotions come out no matter what they are,” she says. She says she’s going to most remember working with all the choreographers, especially Mia, who she thanks for pushing her. She remains totally composed and smiling (Mia, on the other hand, looks like she’s going to cry).

Then a few more favorites. Adam picks one of Mia’s, praising the light and fun side. Then he actually says: “Mia, I just want you to know, tonight, I’m a butt man.”

Randy and Evan dance to Koop Island Blues in what Nigel calls “the butt dance.”

Nexy Mary picks Jeanine and Brandon in Louis Van Amstel’s paso doble set to “Tetsujin” from the finale.

Then Cat asks them not to leave and brings out Evan. She bears a card of doom. The dancer in third place is…Evan. A thousand young girls’ voices scream. He gets a big hug from Cat to intro his recap, featuring touching brother moments and Adam calling him a beautiful “dancer” and Ellen DeGeneres saying she loves his face. “It’s been an awesome journey, I couldn’t have asked for anything else,” he says.

He calls the night before “breathtaking” and thanks the fans and his family. “This has been an absolutely amazing journey, I never thought when I auditioned with my brother in Memphis that I’d be standing here.”

“And you’re going to keep on dancing?” Cat asks. “Heck, yea,” he says.

And we’re down to Jeanine and Brandon.

But first, another Nigel favorite moment. “When Mary admitted to using Botox,” he says. She swats at him. On a more serious note, he singles out Mia’s routine about addiction with Kayla and Kupono, a contemporary routine set to Sara Bareilles “Gravity.” It’s frighteningly good and makes Mia, Kayla and Adam cry.

Then it’s time for the Rage Boyz Crew, with its tiny little dancing kids, choreographed by Tiffany Burton, dancing hip hop to Colby O’Donis & Mauli B’s “Feel it.”

After, Cat steals a jacket and talks to TJ, who proudly shows off his missing front tooth. The seven-year-old did a back hand spring off the couch.

Next up, Tyce picks Brandon and Janette to a disco routine set to “Loving is Really My Game.”

Then the final judge’s pick. Mia picks a “tender” piece about breast cancer by Tyce danced by Melissa and Ade to “This Woman’s World.” She passes things over to Tyce, who announces to cheers that his friend Michelle that he choreographed it for learned she was cancer-free today.

After the dance, they cut to breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate in the audience, clapping and sobbing.

Then the final group number, to “One” from “A Chorus Line,” which features eight dancers in white tux and tails dancing in front of full-length shattered mirrors. Toward the end, the mirrors turn to reveal the judges (even Nigel!) stepping out and showing the kids they know how it’s done.

And then it’s time for the moment of truth. Jeanine and Brandon are back on stage, holding hands, and watch their recaps, full of tears and praise. Cat throws it to Nigel, who isn’t surprised by the final two and says he’s “delighted” by the winner (which he already knows) and it’s “justly” deserved.

And America’s favorite dancer is…Jeanine.

Brandon gives her a big hug and she bursts into tears. She tries to compose herself enough to talk. “I never thought that auditioning to this show would lead me to such amazing people…and just to have 3,000 people in here is just amazing. I never thought I’d be giving an acceptance speech at the Kodak, but thank you Academy!”

She thanks her mom and says she’s most going to remember winning and also all the other dancers (Cat’s No. 4 on the memory list).

And that’s a wrap, folks.

Author: MollyWillow for IMDB