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Guillermo Paz onto Romance
Melisia @Brittni I agree with your statement.....they are gonna be in their 20's...That too old to be on Disney...they need cast memders...
The complete list of renewed series for 2009-2010 season [...] Sonny With a Chance gets renewed for a new season by Disney! (Confirmed) [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Romance
The complete list of renewed series for 2009-2010 season [...] Hannah Montana gets renewed for a new season by Disney! (Confirmed) [...]
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Guillermo Paz onto American Idol, Romance
Pulpo let´s hope so, right?
cassie OMG!! that sounded suspiciously sincere and... I don't know... weirdly flirty too! I'm leaning towards that engagement now, lol.
Guillermo Paz onto American Idol, Romance, Videos
cassie You forgot to mention that she also said at some point "I love you" to Simon in that same episode.
Guillermo Paz onto Romance
wimeleinky Please ABC dont get rid of Cupid i love this show i love how there is that sort of romance between trevor and claire and i love how he gets people to come together. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL CUPID.
seleniebeanie I am saddened to discover this show was cancelled. I liked Cupid's approach versus the therapist's approach to love. And I liked how Cupid's approach didn't work out without the help of the therapist. I think the show eluded to Cupid also finding his true love...(the therapist?)This was definitely a chick flick type show, since guys don't watch shows about romance. I didn't like the time/day it was on - it was inconvenient and I found myself PVR-ing it weekly. It's too bad, really, It gets harder and harder to find shows without questionable values.
Guillermo Paz onto American Idol, Romance
Guillermo Paz onto Romance
Guillermo Paz onto Action, Characters, Drama, Romance, Sci Fi, Sitcoms
dolly post Too many, really...enough to write a book.Makes you wonder how they were on tv so long. I am age 53 & don't watch tv much, but I hated I Dream of Jeanie! It's so annoying because of Dr.Bellows, he's so nosy & just enters major Nelson's house! That major Heally is a major ass pain...he could've told Nelson Jeanie's birthdate right off. And if Nelson is Jeanie's master, why does she make things happen & not consult him? She gets him in trouble. GILLIGAN was very annoying too! My puzzlement was more as to why no one killed that stupid s.o.b. Rather than why stuff was packed for a 3 hour cruise.
Charlotte Agree with what you said about Lilly Rush's hair!
Guillermo Paz onto Ally McBeal
Rose I love Hugh Laurie. The band is great but without him, I wouldn't bother. Jesse Spencer is great on violin. I just love Hugh Laurie. I have the cd/dvd and it is great. I would love to have more. I don't see me buying more though if he's out.