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Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Moebetterblues That's the whole problem! Black people continue to support negative image of black show and enough positive black shows. The Black Community often have double standards we complained there too much coonin & buffoonery but when we do get shows like Reed Between Lines and other positive black shows we still complained that it's not funny, it's boring, it's not like the Cosby Show. And yet they continued to suppor BS shows like Scandal, The Game, Being Mary Jane, Basketball Wives,House Of Payne,& Meet The Browns. I'm like come on we in the black community need to get ourselves together.
Quincy I watched this show and although it wasn't super-funny, it was different than any other sitcom. Like a throwback to the Cosby Show, this show actually tried to teach people about how to be a good family. There were lessons for the kids as well as for the adults. Well, that's not what gets viewers these days. If there's no drama, then it's that much harder to maintain an audience.
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Cynthia Ware I must say that I love Reed Between the Lines. I think that it is absolutely wonderful to see a show with such a positive pleasing atmosphere. This show has everything! You have a father who is also a stepfather. You have role reversal with the father who works from home and does most of the cooking and cleaning and you give us a positive aspect on the entire situation. I love, love, LOVE it!Way to go BET! Two thombs up for REES BETWEEN THE LINES!!!
Hines & Knowles For a Better America My daughter and I are thrilled that Reed Between the Lines has been renewed. When I first sat my 14 year old to watch the show I was not sure how it would go over, but she loved it. We are disappointed that it comes on at 10:00 p.m., such a high quality family show is lacking in today's society and we wish it came on at 8:00 p.m. so that more families would have an opportunity to watch it together (I record it and we watch it later). I also wish major networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC would follow suit and bring back similar family shows. In order to win back our children and reintroduce morals and values on the air we have to take a risk and go against the over-sexed society we live in. WAY TO GO BET!!!