a-gifted-man-quotes-spoilers-premiere-pilotIt´s the fall season, and a lot of new series are on the way. We already reviewed premiere of 2 Broke Girls, and upcoming premiere of How to be a gentleman, and the premiere of Unforgettable and breakout premiere of New Girl. Up All Night, Free Agents and Whitney are other shows that already started, and while Person of Interest premiere is the best looking sci-fi mistery drama thingy, CBS is also bringing A Gifted Man the premiere tonight. And although friday´s usually the toughest night to get ratings, CBS is commited to the idea of bringing a good lineup starting with A Gifted Man, then CSI NY and closing with Blue Bloods. I would´ve moved the premiere after CSI to get some help with the lead in for premiere, and then swap them, but I really hope this one sticks. It was good, and I liked it more than I expected to.

And having Julie Benz tomorrow back on my TV weekly is always a good call! And the Dexter connection is also seeing Margo Martindale playing the assistant!

What is A Gifted Man About? Plot Synopsis

A GIFTED MAN is a drama about a brilliant, charismatic surgeon whose life changes forever when his deceased ex-wife begins teaching him the meaning of life from the “hereafter.” Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) is an exceptional doctor who lives a materialistic life of luxury thanks to his work-obsessed career and powerful and wealthy patients; however, Michael’s ordered world is rocked when his ex-wife, Anna (Jennifer Ehle), an idealistic free-clinic doctor and the love of his life, mysteriously appears to him. Michael’s off-beat sister, Christina (Julie Benz), a single mom to her teenaged son, Milo (Liam Aiken), is thrilled that Anna’s back in her brother’s life, even as an “illusion,” because Michael was always a better person with her. Curious about Michael’s sudden change in behavior is his efficient assistant, Rita (Margo Martindale). When Anna asks Michael to go to her clinic to help keep it running, he meets Autumn (Afton Williamson), a volunteer carrying on Anna’s work with the underprivileged. Touched by those in need and accepting of Anna’s compassionate “presence,” Michael’s attitude toward serving the rich and poor is turned upside down, and he begins to see that there’s room in his life for everyone. Academy Award nominee Susannah Grant (“Erin Brockovich”), Academy Award winner Jonathan Demme (“The Silence of the Lambs”), Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly and Neal Baer (“ER”) are executive producers for CBS Television Studios.

Best Quotes from A Gifted Man Pilot

Rita: Well, thank you Rita; happy birthday Rita

Patient: For what I´m paying you, I should have you for the day
Michael: You are confusing me with one of your hookers

Anna: You didn´t leave because of the weather. You left because you didn´t want to be married anymore

Michael: That´s brilliant Milo, going back with a gang to their neighborhood

Christina: You know the only time you weren´t a jerk is when you were with her

Receptionist: I´m sorry doctor Holt, Dr Paul passed away two weeks ago

Michael: No Christina. I´m not going to therapy with you and your messed up kid

Christina: Michael, her spirit came to you

Christina: This is a cosmic gift, Michael

Anna: Sorry if I scared you

Michael: Schedule a MRI
Rita: For who?
Michael: For me
Rita: Why?
Michael: I own the damn machine, I don´t need to ask for permission to use it

Anna: You are not schizophrenic
Michael: Then what are you?
Anna: I told you

Anna: I don´t like her
Michael: Yeah? Well without her, my life would fall apart

Anna: I´m sorry you lost a patient
Michael: He was not a patient, he was my friend

Michael: You don´t go chasing balls on the streets

Michael: I can´t handle this, I can´t

Michael: I can´t be delusional
Anna: You are not delusional

Michael: I don´t understand
Anna: Then why can´t I be the one thing you don´t understand

Michael: What you do, friend, is nothing like what I do

Michael: Are you here?

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