Psych- Season-7-quotes-nicknames-dead-airPsych has already been renewed for one more season, and while probably the last, it started with an eight episodes order, that just got upgraded to thirteen scripts ordered, and who knows, maybe this veteran performer can keep it going. After all, fans are watching each week and are one of the most awesome rabid fanbases on TV these past years.

This week, a new episode of Psych, called Dead Air premiered, in which After Shawn (James Roday) and Gus’ (Dulé Hill) favorite radio DJ is murdered, they go undercover as on-air personalities to find his killer. Episode Guest Stars include Garcelle Beauvais, Parminder Nagra and Jessica Makinson.

As I always do when a new episode airs, I am bringing here the best moments and quotes and all the Pop References and Nicknames from it.


Crock: We are here with two local psychic detectives: Shawn Spencer and VJ Armatrage.

Crock: Basically you are just like Drew Barrymore in Fire Starter, except you don´t get older and naked and Doppleganger. Have I got that right?

Shawn: It´s like a zoo in here, except we are vegetables.

Shawn: Who is Crock Daniels? He´s like the Howard Stern of radio.
Jules: That doesn´t even make any sense.

Gus: Rachel can´t get enough of this.
Shawn: Oh I think she can, and I guess she will.

Shawn: I´m Shawn Spencer, psychic detective and this is my partner Django Unchained.
Miranda: I´m not amused by that.

Miranda: Looks like someone here is more than just a pretty face.

Lassiter: Why are you speaking in that ridiculous voice?
Dean: This is my voice.
Lassiter: Sure, and graffitti is a form of art.

Shawn: Wow, wow, wow, seems like you are more than a browinsh face.

Gus: Ms Sherrod
Miranda: Miranda to you.
Shawn: Just to him?
Miranda: Yes.

Shawn: That´s what it sounds to be angry, bald and divorced.

Shawn´s radio show is called Spence-air.

Gus: Man, I can´t believe that I just confessed to all of Santa Barbara that I make love with my socks on.

Shawn: My name is Shawn Spencer and this is…
Red Herring: the man who is going to hunt me?

Shawn: Goodbye Red, forever.
Gus: See you in my recurring Hunger Games nightmare.

Miranda: I see, you are like a more agitated Blair Underwood.

Miranda: Interrogate me Guster.

Miranda: You get sex with your socks on because you get your toes cold.

Gus: I believe I can fly. I believe in making my woman a queen.

Gus: I have good news and bad news.
Shawn: You know I am a bad news first guy ever since we saw Prometheus on opening night.

Gus´ radio show is called Smooth Storm.

Gus: Miranda has a vision for me, Shawm!
Shawn: Yeah, you standing naked, posing like Captain Morgan.

Gus: I have the power to touch people Shawn.

Gus: This is me hugging you over the airwaves.

Shawn: She owns three Pollo Locos

Shawn: No kidding Bruce Wayne.

Shawn: We call him Burton Goutster.
Laura: ohhh.

Shawn: Could this guy look any more like a stereotypical comic book villain?

I want a Awwwwww Yeahhhhh Smooth Storm T-Shirt BTW!

Gus: I can´t do it, the guy looks like a comic book villain.

Shawn: You make it hot, you make it wet, you make it smooth.
Gus: Hot, wet, smooth.

Gus: Really Shawn? You gonna choose now to know something about anything?

Rachel: Oh no you didn´t.

Gus: Rachel, what has gotten into you?

Gus: Rachel, you are British and sophisticated, Miranda, you are rich and Gosh… but listen, as much as it would check an item off my bucket list, you two cannot fight.

Shawn: Be tough Gus, don´t be Weepy Boy Santos.

Gus: This is weird Shawn, even for you.

Shawn: One of her. Laura is Bob, and Bob is Laura and who knows how many more personalities in her cute but crazy Amy Mann looking face, am I right?

Shawn: Maybe Laura is in a good place, but Bob is an Eli Roth movie. He flipped and killed Crock.

Shawn: You did good player!
Gus: I did?
Shawn: Oh yeah.

And Shawn fist bumps passed out Gus.


Gus: BJ Armatrage – Django Unchained – Smooth Storm – The Player named Gus – Burton Goutster

Shawn: Jelinda

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