modern-family-season-three-premiere-quotes-spoilers-dunphy-pritchett-dude-ranchWell, after checking out the quotes and spoilers from How I Met Your Mother season seven premiere, and HIMYM The Naked Truth episode, and Two and a Half Men premiere with Ashton Kutcher, it´s time for the other huge sitcom on TV to start, and this one has earned every Emmy possible.

Modern Family season three premiered to an episode called Dude Ranch, as the kickstart of a doubleheader. In this episode Reid Ewing hit it out of the park! He stole the episode playing Dylan!

In this episode, the family decides to don their cow boots and hats and head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some fun and adventure in the great outdoors. While vacationing on Lost Creek Ranch, they try their hands at a little cattle herding, skeet shooting and horseback riding; there are also some big firsts, a huge surprise and an actual face off between Jay and a foe – a cowboy named Hank.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Dunphys and Pritchets on Season three premiere of Modern Family – Dude Ranch

Phil Dunphy: What if Dylan and I share a horse?

Claire Dunphy: I hate landings
Dylan: We´ll get through this

Cameron: We are adopting from America, you might say we are buying domestic
Mitchell: In private, you might do that in private

Cameron: It´s called production value

Gloria: I´m like the horse whisperer, but something is getting this one scarish

Dylan: I´ve never been this far from home, now I´ve never been this far, now I´ve never been this far
Claire: Where´s a cliff when you need one?

Jay: This is my wife Gloria
Hank: Well, she´s Cactus Flower now Old Timer

Phil Dunphy: I´ve been practicing all my cowboy skills like crazy: shooting, roping, pancake eating, Why? Because sometimes I feel Jay doesn´t respect me as a man

Phil Dunphy: I´m not looking for a hug, I just want to get that look of new found respect

Cameron: Ok, Tres Macho! No smile, no smile

Mitchell: I realized that if I was going to raise a boy I needed to butch up my life, you know, I want to be able to teach my son all the things my dad taught… Claire

Jimmy: You wanna see me do a cannonball?
Alex: I rather see you hit by one

Cameron: Why are you riding like that?
Mitchell: Because I was afraid that cow would come and bite me
Cameron: Yeah, because your leg seems so desirable in those

Phil Dunphy: Who´s Bossy?
Hank: That´s the nickname of your wife
Phil Dunphy: Funny!

Dylan: Yo Mom, you rock
Claire: Yeah, I wish I had a rock

Jimmy: Why are you fighting me gorgeous? This really works

Lily: You kissed a boy
Alex: No, Lily, the boy kissed me, the boy kissed me

Claire: I want to talk to you
Dylan: Oh, you want me to go home?
Claire: No, it´s the opposite to that
Dylan: I want you to go home?

Dylan: You are totally a hot mom, but I can´t do this
Claire: Oh My God!

Dylan: Fiuuu! That would´ve been awkward
Claire: So awkward
Dylan: But for the record, Mrs Dunphy, if Haley wasn´t my girlfriend, and Mr Dunphy was not in the picture, I would be honored to share your bed and raise Haley, Alex and Luke as my own

Phil Dunphy: I think you said it all, Claire, do you want me to rope her? I can you know

Hank: For what is worth, my second wife was in highschool

Mitchell: I slept on the couch, I know you didn´t want to have a big fight last night
Cameron: Well, I´m ready now

Phil Dunphy: Buffalo Phil, it was worth the wait

Luke: Can you keep a secret?
Mitchell: I kept a pretty big one for 22 years

Mitchell: I don´t get boys. What is so great about destroying things?
Luke: It turns stuff into flying chunks of stuff

Mitchell: We´ll do it together
Luke: You just made the best decision of your life

Luke: After this it´s gonna be Angry Birds
Mitchell: Yeah, By Bye Birdie… it´s a big musical from the sixties… no, forget about it

Gloria: He ain´t down there

Gloria: Do I look like the kind of woman who would cheat on her husband
Hank: Yes

Phil Dunphy: Only we touch our women when they don´t want us to

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