modern-family-spoilers-quotes-when-good-kids-go-badWe already did several articles about big shows premiering the quotes and spoilers from How I Met Your Mother season seven premiere, and HIMYM The Naked Truth episode, and Two and a Half Men premiere with Ashton Kutcher,  and this one has earned every Emmy possible and started with a doubleheader, after Modern Family season three premiere, it had the second episode called When Good Kids Go Bad, in which Mitch and Cam plan a nice evening with the whole family to break the happy news that they’re looking to adopt another child. However their parade is rained on when they realize Lily may not take well to another baby in the house. Meanwhile, Claire and Jay are each consumed with proving a certain point.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Dunphys and Pritchets on Season three premiere doubleheader of Modern Family – When Good Kids Go Bad

Phil Dunphy: I´m whole lotta funny to go shopping with

Phil Dunphy: Honey, did you pull from the bottom again?

Cameron: She barely touched him and he went from zero to big cry baby

Alex: Could you try to L a little less OL? Don´t you see what I´m trying to do here?
Haley: Die alone?

Gloria: What´s with the looks, it´s like a silent movie in here

Mitchell: Good morning princess, good morning Lily

Gloria: Now promise me you will never ever do anything dishonest again
Manny: I promise
Gloria: Because that´s not the way I raised you

Cameron: She looks like she was dipped in glue and dragged through a flee market

Mitchell: In the attic?
Luke: Hey, at least it´s big, grandpa says you used tolive in the closet

Lily: My daddy!
Mitchell: Lily, no! Sorry Luke
Luke: This isn´t over

Gloria: You´d be surprised what things people can live with, Jay

Jay: What the hell´s happening here?
Phil Dunphy: Is that from Footloose?

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