psych-this-episode-sucks-quotes-spoilers-s06e03-vampires-episodeIf you are a reader at this blog, You know how much I love Psych already, don´t you? I said it when Psych season six premiered, I said it on Last Night Gus Episode.
Well, so then, a new episode of Psych is something good for me. How about for you? How about Psych S06E03 This Episode Sucks, The Vampires episode?

Not only we get to meet Kristy Swanson, on a vampires episode, but throw in Corey Feldman just in case you needed more awesomeness to the episode, that, don´t let the title fool you, does not suck at all! Shawn and Gus are convinced that a mysterious and beautiful woman is responsible for a blood-drained body being investigated by the Santa Barbara Police. The catch? She’s Lassiter’s new girlfriend

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Psych S06E03 This Episode Sucks

Bartender: What´s your posion?
Lassiter: Humanity

Lassiter: Jack Daniels, rocks

Lassiter: I love to dream I´m Clint Eastwood
Marlowe: Even on Blood Work?
Lassiter: Mostly Heartbreak Ridge

Shawn: It´s not Jules fault. She told me not to follow her and I understood not to be pregnant with swine

Shawn: What we are up here at is not a mere mortal. It´s a vampire
Gus: Sookie is mine!

Shawn: You reek of garlic. You are Omar Epps, Dracula 2000.
Gus: I´ll take it

Gus: It´s like the Roadrunner stopping and saying “you know what, Wily? You earned this, blow me up”
Shawn: You are saying the Coyote has a a first name?

Lassiter: I have a personal matter to attend to, I´ll catch up
Jules: Since when do you have personal matters?

Shawn: Well, there goes my night

Gus: We are on their turf Jules, we need to talk the talk and walk the walk of the nightstalker

Vampire Bartender: Ok slow down there Cagney

Vampire Bartender: Count Chuckula here
Gus: Chuckula? Are you out of your mind?
Shawn: No one remembers Blackula except for us and Quentin Tarantino

Lassiter: The only think I can compare to is the rush of jubilation I felt when I heard Chuck Norris speak on a NRA convention, and I was thirteen

Shawn: I´m dangerous in a sexy way
Marlowe: More like a gay way
Gus: Well, I´m straight and iconic
Marlowe: I wouldn´t count Count Chocula as iconic
Gus: I´m Blackula

Shawn: You live with two dudes and Mario Lopez?

Jules: We´ll need to speak with your roommates
Marlowe: Yeah, I understand, there´s Eddie, Jake and Lucien
Gus, Shawn and Jules: Where´s Lucien

Shawn: If you are Elizabeth Shue, that makes Gus Keith Coogan
Gus: You are Coogan
Shawn: You are Coogan
Gus: Your mama is Coogan

Marlowe: This is a crazy coincidence. These nails have been made popular by Jersey Shore
Gus: Nice try Queen of the Damned

Shawn: It was just a little stream. It´s not like it was the end of Carrie… or the beginning of Carrie

Jules: Slap Gus as hard as you can and meet me at the hospital

It´s Marlowe´s brother. He has something called Don Skarksgaard´s disease

Jules: Oh great, now we have to carry two guys out of here

Shawn: Rock, Papers, Scissors?
Gus: What´s that?
Shawn: Spider!

Video Excerpt from Psych S06E03 This Episode Sucks

Nicknames from Psych S06E03 This Episode Sucks

Shawn: We are trying up new names, you are Baloney

Gus is referred to as Count Chocula and Blackula

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