psych-season-six-in-for-penny-william-shatner-spoilers-quotes-references-nicknames A new episode of Psych is airing tonight. And as you can expect from Psych, it´s brilliant.

We get to see Jules father, and he is none other than William Shatner. Paired to this episode also, I am holding a contest to win a Psych Prizepack.

The episode is called “In For A Penny” with guest star pop culture icon William Shatner on Wednesday, 11/30 at 10/9C on USA.

What is Psych In For a Penny About? Plot

Juliet (Maggie Lawson) gets a visit from her estranged father (Guest star William Shatner), a charming con man who wants to mend his broken relationship with his daughter, but when the opportunity to pull off a dream con is presented to him, his decision to stay on the right side of the law becomes more complicated.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Psych S06E07 In For a Penny

Shawn: Because of the great oxygen drought
Gus: Hold your breath people, do your part.

Lassiter: Idiots
Jules: What he said

Shawn: Ok, we are nervous about three things Gary Busey
Gus: Gary Busey
Shawn: And your 30th birthday bash

Shawn: Jules has a problem, and me, as her man have to fix it
Gus: I don´t think that´s what it means
Shawn: Gus, there are three things in the world that no one understands except for me and NBC anchor Brian Williams: When a woman complains about a personal issue, she doesn´t want her man to just listen, she wants him to solve the problem
Gus: I don´t think that´s right Shawn

Shawn: I´m dating your daughter sir

Gus: Mr O´Hara, as a budding entrepreneur myself I was wondering, how did you make your fortune?
Frank O´Hara: Work, work, work

Shawn: I can and will help orchestrate this reunion

Jules: He is not rich and he is not powerful. He is a conman

Shawn: So, Frank fooled us… happens to us once every seven days

Frank: I was referred to as a modern day Robin Hood by many of my colleagues

Shawn: Do you honestly think that Gus and I were born on the Fourth of July?
Gus: Or yesterday?
Shawn: Or To Run?

Shawn: Behind every great man is a great woman. And in that case, that woman is an intelligent, sophisticated, full foreheaded stallion named Burton, and she´s black, and she can dance. I need you on this buddy, because total shifts are tricky for me, and this is getting serious, come on… Foghorn needs Leghorn
Gus: They are the same rooster Shawn
Shawn: Exactly
Gus: Fine

Shawn: I know I´m in the dog house
Jules: You are not into the dog house. You´ll have to work really hard to make it in the dog house
Shawn: Then I´m in the yard… that´s not that bad… Unless I´m in the pund, Jules, am I in the pound? Where´s Gus, is Gus with me?
Gus: Why do I have to be in the pound?
Shawn: So we can get adopted like two inseparable winnie dogs
Gus: I don´t want to be in the pound Shawn

Shawn: When I Man truly know a woman…
Jules: Shawn
Shawn: Gus hired your dad
Gus: He hired your dad
Shawn: Ok, we hired your dad

Gus: Deep down I know you are a good man

Shawn: Don´t touch anything
Frank: Nothing worth touching here

Shawn: This is like the end of The Town. Which makes me the guy from Mad Men, Gus is Affleck and Jules is Minnie Driver.
Gus: You just mashed The Town with Good Will Hunting

Shawn: That was Mr Ed if he was Irish

Frank: That song you sang, Time After Time was beautiful

Shawn: Do you think this is my first surprise party for a girlfriend whose father is a conman?

Nicknames from Psych S06E07 In For a Penny

They pose as Tito Nagasaki and Bob Jones.

Shawn introduces Gus as Ingle Wuss

Where´s the pineapple in In For a Penny?

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