In this week´s episode of Modern Family, Phil and Claire get the dreaded late night call that Haley has been arrested for under-aged drinking, so they bring Mitchell, the family lawyer, in tow to the police station. Cameron stays back to watch over Alex and Luke, but they get into some crazy mishaps under his care. Meanwhile, Jay gets out of baby shopping with Gloria, but ends up having to deal with a surprise visit from Dede, and tries to scoot her out before Gloria gets home to prevent Dede from seeing that she’s pregnant and to avoid the potential blowback.

And so, I am now highlighting the best quotes and moments from Modern Family´s Arrested episode same way I compiled all Phil Dunphy´s Philsosophy advices to Haley.


Cam: She has a kid behind bars and she has the nerve to call ME a bad parent

Jay: Nobody died, Haley is in jail
Gloria: That makes more sense

Lily: She is in jail
Cam: Now Lily, what did I say?
Lily: That is was a matter of time
Cam: No, not that

Claire: My daughter has been arrested for drinking, I would like for her to sit there and think about that… as a matter of fact I might stop and do some outlet shopping.. who wants a pair of last year´s sunglasses.

Gloria: I want a husband who wants to go shopping for strollers with me
Jay: If you had a husband who´d like to go shopping for strollers you would´n´t be having a baby

Manny: I´m living in a cultural wasteland
Jay: With a heated pool

Jay: I´ll meet you on the street… drive by slow with the window open

Luke: I can´t breathe
Cam: He´s having a severe allergic reaction.
Luke: No, you are squeezing me

Phil: Can you believe how many Waffle places we passed by

Phil: Honey, this is real life, not an excellent movie

Haley: Where are you going?
Claire: To get than man a waffle

Jay: Look at you two having a conversation like friends
Gloria: Well it´s easier to talk to her when she is not choking me

Manny: DeeDee, how are you?
DeeDee: I´m fine
Manny: Come on, it´s me, how are you really?

Cam: How are you feeling?
Luke: Better than Kidney Stones there

Jay: Great, what´s next? Should I pick the wrong crib now?

Haley: They are right there on the makeup table
Claire: Oh honey, that´s a desk

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