four-weddings-cancelled-renewed-tlc-season-fourAnother piece of scoop to keep updating the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012. In this case from the reality TV front, since TLC renewed For Weddings for season four. TLC is making its weddings coverage bigger again, with a new order for Four Weddings.

The show started in a British format,  that follows a similar style as Come Dine With Me and involves four brides/grooms attending each other’s weddings and rating them on:

Dress (out of 25), Venue (out of 25), Food (out of 25) and Experience (out of 25)
At the end of the show they discover which of the couples has won a luxury honeymoon. Viewers can also play online in the “Online wedding rater” and rate the weddings as they are shown for comparison with the rest of the public.An American version of the show, which debuted in early 2010, is broadcast on TLC. The format is identical to the British version, except that it involves brides only (with the groom of the winning bride presenting the prize), and the maximum number of points in each category is 30, with a special “originality” category used for a tiebreaker if two or more brides tie in all categories.

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