house-md-season-8-premiere-quotes-spoilersI had the chance to watch the season premiere of House MD called Twenty Vicodin upfront, and the move to having Gregory House in jail as the scenery makes for a nice change, specially if we have to see Lisa Cuddy out of House´s life for good.

The episode includes Annette Odable, the newest addition to the roster, and Charlene Yi, another addition to House´s cast.

Best Quotes and Spoiler Moments from House MD Season Premiere Twenty Vicodin

Warden Delaire: Are you sorry for what you did?
House: Yes
Warden Delaire: Yes?
House: That´s a direct answer, isn´t it?

Warden Delaire: Let me be clear. You mouth off one single guard, we find you with one cafeteria track in your cell, you break any rule I don´t even remember, and you can park your ass here for four more months. So forget being sorry, can you stay our of trouble for five days?
House: Yes

House: I´m jew, Nah, I´m a black gay gipsie

House: It´s Lupus

Prisoner: You have four days left, how many more tricks you have?

House: I am peepless

House: It´s not Lupus
Prisoner: Is it good?
House: Does it feel good?

Dr Jessica Adams: An interesting practice you must have run. No need for test? No need for proof? Where are you going?
House: To the Proof Store

House: I´m trying to listen to your lungs, not your self pity

Jessica Adams: As someone who asks as many favors as you do, you don´t make any efforts to win me over

Jessica Adams: You will divorce from humanity
House: Me and humanity got together too young

House: This is where you say thank you. Or I say thank you for not killing me. Thank you

House: Do you trust me?
Jessica Adams: Shouldn´t I?
House: You are really not good at reading people

House: Why do I need the pen that you always carry around and you never write anything with? It´s my plan B

House: Great knowing you

Prison Doctor: You´re done here, like every other place you ever set foot in your life

Jessica Adams: Just take care of yourself

Jessica Adams: Oh my God, did you get beaten up on purpose?

Jessica Adams: Why are you doing this?
House: Because I have a gift

Prison Doctor: You are fired. You are beyond fired. You are completely unhirable anywhere. You understand that?
Jessica Adams: Yes. Now shut up and let´s see if he has an attack

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