Ok… this may be out of a limb, right… but after the Izzie Stevens Denny Duqette fiasco leading towards Izzie Stevens dying at the end of this season; with Lexie Grey taking more preeminence in the show, but also getting pregnant in real life, the show is not in its best moment.

Grey´s Anatomy season 5 is filled with writing bad choices, characters that became annoying, Shonda Rhimes and all the team at Grey´s Anatomy is in much need of a boost. But how?

One of the answers may be Addison Montgomery returning to Seattle Grace, but that couldn´t be a permanent comeback, since she´s starring Grey´s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice.

So, it can be a one-two episodes punch to get back on track.

Do you think it would be a good idea for Addison Montgomery to come back to Grey´s Anatomy?

Kate Walsh´s fans probably do, if it means she´s not leaving Private Practice.