laurie-mckenzies-traveler-hallmarkWe are reviewing the different shows that Hallmark is bringing on 2013, and same as they bring Happy Days and The Brady Bunch, now let´s check out a couple more shows they are scheduling besides all the family movies like Nearlyweds that they have coming our way, or the launching of the new year with the 124th Tournament of the Roses Parade.

Laura McKenzie´s Traveler Hallmark Channel Premiere

Friday, January 4 (1pm-1:30pm ET/PT, 12C and 1:30pm-2pm ET/PT, 12:30C)
Hosted by: Laura McKenzie

Laura McKenzie is the world’s most trusted experienced television travel host. She has been around the world many times and is not only familiar with where to go and what to do, but her travel savvy and famous “travel tips” have saved millions of viewers valuable vacation time when planning their trips. Famous for “telling it like it is,” her knowledge is recognized and her candor appreciated by global travel authorities as well as tourists.

The Lost Valentine Hallmark Channel Cable Premiere

From the Hallmark Hall of Fame Collection
Saturday, January 26 (9pm ET/PT, 8C)
Starring: Betty White, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Susan Allison (Hewitt), jaded TV reporter, receives a sentimental Valentine’s Day news assignment: the story of Caroline Thomas (White), who has waited 60 years for her pilot husband — declared missing in action during World War II — to return to her. After first scoffing at the assignment, Susan finds she has much to learn from both the story and Caroline’s demonstration of love, faith and remembrance.

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