katie_couricEvery day we honor the birthday boys and girls. And today January 7th we have a lot of people to salute!

So let´s start:

  • Alena LeBerger and Gabrielle LeBerger, the twins who no one may remember since they played Baby girl in Reba. They are both turning 7.
  • Max Morrow, Benjy Fleming in Sitcom Monk is turning 18 years old.
  • Camrym Grimes, Cassie Newman from The Young and the restless, is now nineteen.
  • Liam Aiken, Jack Erikson in Law and Order, and Klaus in Lemony Snicket: A series of unfortunate events. A.K.A. the kid who turned down Sixth Sense is also 19.
  • Lyndsy Fonseca, the Daughter in How I Met Your Mother, and Dylan Mayfair in Desperate Housewives, and Colleen Carlton in The Young and the restless is turning 22. She also credited episodes in House MD, Heroes, Big Love, CSI, Close to Home, Waterfront, NYPD Blue and Boston Public.
  • Robert Ri’chard, Arnaz Ballard in One on One, and Mason, romantic interest of Veronica Mars is turning 26.
  • Reggie Austin who plays Devon Marsh in Debra Messing´s The Starter Wife just got to 30.
  • Ryan Star, runner up in Rockstar: Supernova is turning 31.
  • Dustin Diamond, Save by the bells´s Screech is turning 33… and still doing the same old character!!!
  • Tyron Leitso, Eric Gotts from Wonderfalls is also turning 33.
  • Because times fly, Josh Blake, Alf´s Jake Ochmonek is turning 34. Man I must be old too!
  • Esta Terblanche, who played Gillian Andrassy Martin Lavery in All My Children is now 36.
  • Kevin Rahm, well known for many roles such as Lee McDermott in Desperate Housewives, Kyle McCarthy in Judging Amy, Danny Kozak in Jesse, and also for some roles in Grey´s Anatomy, Friends, Scrubs and many more turned 38.
  • The hilarious Doug E. Doug, Cosby´s Griffin is now 39.
  • Rex Lee, Entourage´s Lloyd just turned 40.
  • David Yost, the Blue Ranger from The Power Rangers is also a 40 years old Power Ranger now.
  • David Marciano, Detective Steve Billings in The Shield is turning 49.
  • Katie Couric, a lady who doesn´t need any introduction is turning 52.
  • Nicolas Cage, another actor who doesn´t need introduction turned 45 today.
  • David Caruso, who´s currently playing CSI Miami´s Lieutenant Horatio Caine is 53 starting today.