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Guillermo Paz onto Psych
Guillermo Paz onto Psych
Guillermo Paz onto Psych, Spoilers
Casonia sade logenberry wish every one a beautiful and wonderful day and take care...Because this winter is going to be really cold and freezing and so stalk up and stay warm at home this winter wonderful familys of the world Really fearful a Bear that is big like that fear would be a factor and you never know when a Bear is going to Snap? But as an actor you have to open up in many directions and to see that has some fear to some degree to it but over all good luck and well wishs.
Guillermo Paz onto Psych
Benjamen Hey did you catch carltons nickname "flat Stanley" season 6 episode 3 this episode sucks- right at the beginning one of the girls in the bar calls him that before he breaks into the bathroom- swear that one is used a lot
Joseph Ramsey The bald blind umpire of Santabarbara for Henry!!