There are several shows that are good or great and people everywhere watch them, and the shows gets talked about a lot, and you should already know I´m talking about House, X Factor, How I Met Your Mother Modern Family and several others.

But here, I am trying to give some of the shows that get lesser attention the love they deserve

Here are the top ten best shows that don´t get enough buzz and love

1- Psych – USA Network

fanappreciation-landing-psychBeing one of the best (if not the best) dramedy around, it never gets enough attention, nor awards love, but seeing Shawn and Gus every week makes for a great hour of fun.
And also, Shawn and Gus have hilarious nicknames, and how Psych do pop references each episode. If you haven´t started watching this show, don´t even finish this article. Get up and go start watching it.

2- Drop Dead Diva – Lifetime

If you read the description “A wannabe model dies, but due to a mixup in heaven comes back as an overweight superbusy lawyer, and the only ones who know are the guardian angel and the best friend” you would think I would not like the show. But, fortunately I gave it a chance, and that was all the show needed to prove me wrong.
I am left with a feel good sensation after each episode, and I love the characters. I´m positive you will too.

3- American Pickers – History Channel

Two guys, one skinny, one chubby, running around on garbage mountains trying to find treasures. One word: Entertaining!
If you haven´t started watching it. You should do know.

4- The Dog Whisperer – National Geographic

Cesar Millan is just impressive, you can´t get enough of it. I´m sure you´ll watch one episode and be left wondering how on earth does he do it.
And also, you´ll be practicing the “Tchhh”.

5- Expedition Impossible – ABC

It´s not the biggest reality competition, and many could claim it looks a lot like The Amazing Race, but having a show with Dave Salmoni, The Gypsys and No Limits will really make for great television. You get the best feeling out of it, and you are thoroughly entertained. I really hope the casting for the second season is as good a job as the first one.

6- Breakout Kings – A&E

It faced the big names premiering: Camelot, The Borgias, The Killing and many more, but in my eyes it can claim the best new show title hands down. Jimmi Simpson is at his best, and the rest of the cast is likewise awesome. And we even got the chance to see Theodore Bagwell again.

7- Melissa & Joey – ABC Family

It´s a little show. A simple sitcom with a will they won´t they tension in the back. But it gets carried so greatly by two former teen sensations that show great comedic chops.

8- What Not To Wear – TLC

Clinton and Stacy make the most entertaining fashion show on TV. Period.

9- Shark Tank – ABC

This reality show is entertaining, educational, fun and has the potential to change lives and grow wealth in society. What more to ask? Oh, and they added Mark Cuban!

10- The Nate Berkus Show – Syndication

He is the true heir to Oprah´s throne. So why not giving Nate Berkus the love he deserves!

What do you think about these ten shows who don´t get enough press and love as deserved? Let me know in rhe comments section.

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