psych-season-six-dead-man-curveball-spoilers-quotes-references-nicknamesA new episode of Psych tonight. You know how much I love Psych already, don´t you?, I said it when Psych season six premiered, I said it on Last Night Gus Episode and I said it on This Episode Sucks and when we saw Tap Man and The Catch.
Well, so then, a new episode of Psych is something good for me, and hopefully for you too. Therefore, I hope you enjoy my review of Psych S06E05 Dead Man´s Curvebal!

First of all, how not to enjoy an episode that features Danny Glover as guest star? Also joining as guests are Michael Trucco and Matt Kaminsky.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Psych S06E05 Dead Man´s Curveball

Shawn: I´ll definitely won´t grab my crotch so many times during games. It´s weird

Shawn: Last week you confused me with Michael Chiklis
Henry: That´s because you were dressed like Michael Chiklis

Gus: I can´t believe you talked me into this

Shawn: Why did he leave those out?
Gus: Because he is dead, Shawn
Shawn: That´s no excuse, Gus

Shawn: That´s a photo of him and Tino Jackson

Gus: Why are you talking so fast?
Shawn: Why are you hearing so slow?

Jules: What is wrong with Shawn?
Gus: He accidentally ingested speed

Shawn: These things really slap you on the way down

Shawn: Gus, Don´t Be Pete Rose´s haircut

Gus: I will not let you touch my urine
Shawn: You are not the friend I thought you were

Gus: You are not a real coach
Shawn: You are not a real person

Gus: You know what sucks? Being a classically trained tap dancer that is forced to dance the Macarena in front of liquored up townies in a fleece infested Seabird suit

Shawn: I believe in a lot of things: fresh tennis balls, the healing power of bunnies, and that the novels of Susan Sontag are something I´ll never read. I don´t even know who Susan Sontag is

Shawn: I believe in the movies of Val Kilmer, although these days it´s not that easy… the first season of Silk Stalkings

Danny Glover as Mel: I´m too old for this crap!

Cal: I´m back from being your idol to cold blooded killer again, huh?
Shawn: Just like OJ and Jamie Farr
Cal: Jamie Farr never killed anybody, Shawn
Shawn: You are so naive

Shawn, posing as Gus as the mascot: Did you hear about Pluto?

Shawn: I guess injurying him would be too Tonya Harding-ish

Henry: When is Steve Garvey getting in the Hall of Fame?

Nicknames from Psych S06E05 Dead Man´s Curveball

Shawn is called “Towel Boy” by one of the Seabirds

Gus is Sammy the Seabird mascot

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