Psych-List-quotes-pop-references-season-sixI am a big fan of Psych, as are many of my readers. So I started doing special articles on Psych such as Shawn and Gus Nicknames, List of Gus Don´t Be Quotes, List of I´ve Heard it Both Ways Quotes, Psych Pop References from season 1, Psych Pop References from season 2, Psych Pop Reference from season 3, Psych Pop References in Season 4, And season five Part One and Part Two and Part Three.

And now, it´s time to do The Complete List of Pop References from Season Six of Psych. Season has not ended yet, and still has a couple of episodes to air, but I will be updating after each episode, the same way I do with the other specials, so you should bookmark the article to come back for more.

Complete list of Psych Pop References and Quotes in Season six

Psych S06E01 – Shawn Rescues Darth Vader:

The episode is called Shawn rescues Darth Vader!

Shawn enters a room filled with TV shows and films memorabilia

Shawn: I´m sorry, I was busy JamesBonding it up in here
Gus: It´s a Star Wars toy Shawn

Shawn: Dude, this kid has Mattel electroinc football

Shawn: (Holding Vader´s figurine): I am not your mother
Gus: He didn´t say that Shawn.

Ambassador´s kid: The new Star Wars movies are way better than the old ones

Shawn: This can of Sprite Zero does

Shawn: Ambassador, go ahead and tell him all the benefits that go along with working for you: State Dinners, Beer pong with Prince Harry, manscaping with Charles

Shawn: Can I rob a bank?
Ambassador Fameshawe: No
Shawn: Can I print my own money?
Ambassador Fameshawe: No
Shawn: Can you introduce me to Harry Potter?
Ambassador Fameshawe: fits your character

Fameshawe: Is that your British accent? Where are you getting your accents from?
Shawn: I don´t know, the usual places I guess: Peter Pan, Geico the Gekko, Phineas & Herb´s grandad
Fameshawe: Is there any of them that doesn´t come from animated characters?
Shawn: Not really, does Russell Brand count?

Shawn throws a Skittles pack to the floor

Shawn: These Prius are really  silent

Shawn: I have two words for you Lassie: Diplomatic Immunity. Am I saying this wrong?
Gus: The guy form Lethal Weapon 2 was not Russian, Shawn

Shawn: All I know is what I saw in an old Chips episode

Shawn: I was with Gus, playied some video games, talked a little Star Wars

Fameshawe: You really know nothing about the UK
Shawn: Only the good things: Morrisey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leprechauns

Psych S06E02 – Last Night Gus:

The whole episode is a The Hangover spoof.

Shawn: Where are my Nikes?

Shawn: A blonde woman, kind of a soccer mom in Teri Garr-esque way

They walk with the ShakeDown. Very Good Fellas type of walk.

Shawn: I´m seeing a guy: He´s like a Swedish version of Jon Cryer

Shawn: You, Baby Thor!

Gus: I´m gonna Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Shawn and Gus: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Bobo´s Donut guy: Does it look like I go trying to bed a bunch of blondes Desperate Housewives type of girls, like it´s my thing? because they can´t get enough of this?

Gus: Maybe they recognize you from Children of the Corn
Bobo´s Donut guy: Maybe they know you from The Cosby Show Bud
Gus: I´m not Bud

Woody: I just got verified on Twitter

Shawn: Which of these houses is Teri Hatcher´s

Shawn: Tom Wopat´s office

Ed Lover is a guest star and comes to rescue his bling

Psych S06E03 – This Episode Sucks:

The whole episode is a Vampires themed reference and has Corey Feldman and Kristy Swanson as guest stars.

Lassiter: Jack Daniels, rocks

Lassiter: I love to dream I´m Clint Eastwood
Marlowe: Even on Blood Work?
Lassiter: Mostly Heartbreak Ridge

The full moon is epic

Shawn: Listen, Jules, just don’t beat yourself up. You can’t possibly be expected to control whether or not Gus and I surreptitiously follow you after you get a call during breakfast.
Jules: But I specifically told you not to follow.
Shawn: [to Gus] I thought she said “farrow.”
Jules: [to Gus] “Farrow” is not a word. I said follow. He knows I said follow.
Gus: I wasn’t there, but farrow is most definitely a word.
Shawn: Thank you.
Gus: It means to birth a calf or a litter of pigs.
Jules: Okay, fine. Why would I ask Shawn not to birth a calf or a little of pigs?
Gus: I don’t know.

Lassiter: Please tell me why they’re at my crime scene!
Shawn: Lassie, it is not Jules’ fault. She told me not to follow her and I thought she was telling me not to be pregnant with swine.

Shawn: What we are up here at is not a mere mortal. It´s a vampire
Gus: Sookie is mine!

Shawn: You reek of garlic. You look like Omar Epps, Dracula 2000.
Gus: I´ll take it

Gus: It´s like the Roadrunner stopping and saying “you know what, Wily? You earned this, blow me up”
Shawn: You are saying the Coyote has a a first name?

Shawn: Necro Butcher
Woody: Ryan Phillippe
Shawn: We are trying up new names, you are Baloney

Gus: We are on their turf Juliet, we need to talk the talk and walk the walk of the nightstalker

Vampire Bartender: Ok slow down there Cagney

Vampire Bartender: Count Chocula here
Gus: Are you out of your mind?
Shawn: No one remembers Blackula except for us and Quentin Tarantino

Vampire Bartender: I remember it perfectly because I was watching Oprah

Lassiter: The only thing I can compare to is the rush of jubilation I felt when I heard Chuck Norris speak on a NRA convention, and I was thirteen

Shawn: I´m dangerous in a sexy way
Marlowe: More like a gay way
Gus: Well, I´m straight and iconic
Marlowe: I wouldn´t count Count Chocula as iconic
Gus: I´m Blackula

Shawn: You live with two dudes and Mario Lopez?

Jules: We´ll need to speak with your roommates
Marlowe: Yeah, I understand, there´s Eddie, Jake and Lucien
Gus, Shawn and Jules: Where´s Lucien

Shawn: Will King Putt honor a two for one expired Groupon coupon? Yes or no?

Shawn: If you are Elizabeth Shue, that makes Gus Keith Coogan
Gus: You are Coogan
Shawn: You are Coogan
Gus: Your mama is Coogan

Gus: Mr. Spencer, if I may. What we’re looking at is someone who is capable of vamp speed, or present space quantum leap.
Shawn: Blacula gives a shout out to Bakula.

Marlowe: This is a crazy coincidence. These nails have been made popular by Jersey Shore
Gus: Nice try Queen of the Damned

Shawn: It was just a little stream. It´s not like it was the end of Carrie… or the beginning of Carrie

Shawn: It´s Marlowe´s brother. He has something called Don Skarksgaard´s disease

Lassiter: How would you rank Pink Cadillac in the Eastwood catalog?
Marlowe: Not very high I´m afraid. I suppose it´s a good company to City Heat but he is much funnier with the orangutan

Psych S06E04 – The Amazing Psych Man & Tap Man Issue N°2:

The episode features New Kids on The Block Joey McIntyre

Shawn: I´m missing a Phineas & Pherb marathon. Perry the Platipus… he´s a real Platipus

Shawn and Gus read newspapers the same way as in Batman, spinning

Shawn: Sure, Charles Bronson, real charmer. Eastwood on Grand Torino, there´s a guy you wanna hop in the tub with

Shawn: Thanks a lot Benedict Arnold Jackson

Gus: He is emulating the every man superheroes, like Batman or Iron Man

Jules: I just gave you a set up with Mr T, Crockett and a word that rhymes with Mork and nothing! Not even a Battle of the Network Stars joke.

Shawn: He saw me on my underwear
Gus: You mean like on Diff´rent Strokes?
Shawn: Yes Gus, just like Diff´rent Strokes
Gus: That´s not cool

When Jules finds out Shawn isn’t the real “Mantis”, Shawn tells her “I know you, you know I’m not telling the truth. I know you know.” That is actually the opening lyric to the show’s theme song.

Reynolds: It gets better

The Batman fight scene music and the Powwww

In the Psych-out Joey McIntyre and Dule Hill dance New Kids on The Block! The Right Stuff

Psych S06E05 – Dead Man´s Curveball:

Danny Glover guest stars, and former all-star baseball player Wade Boggs plays himself

Shawn: Last week you confused me with Michael Chiklis
Henry: That´s because you were dressed like Michael Chiklis

Shawn: Every first of the month Gus and I play The Commish, you know that!

Shawn: That´s a photo of him and Tito Jackson

Gus: You know what sucks? Being a classically trained tap dancer that is forced to dance the Macarena in front of a bunch of liquored up townies in a fleece infested Seabird suit

Shawn: I believe in a lot of things: fresh tennis balls, the healing power of bunnies, and that the novels of Susan Sontag are something I´ll never read. I don´t even know who Susan Sontag is

Shawn: I believe in the movies of Val Kilmer, although these days it´s not that easy… the first season of Silk Stalkings

Danny Glover as Mel: I´m too old for this crap!

Woody; I once embalmed Sparky Anderson

Shawn: Just like OJ and Jamie Farr
Cal: Jamie Farr never killed anybofy
Shawn: Oh you are so naive

Shawn: I guess injurying him would be too Tonya Harding-ish

Henry: When is Steve Garvey getting in the Hall of Fame?

Psych S06E06 – Shawn Interrupted:

The episode references the movie Girl Interrupted, and the episode is a homage to One Flew Over The Cuckoo´s Nest.
Guest Stars are Molly Ringwald and Brad Dourif.

Shawn: I´m going up to my room to play Legend of Zelda

Jules: The man is a genius. He fooled a jury; I don´t think he´s going to fall for you dressed as Lord Kensington

Shawn: I have a keen understanding for the inside of a mental hospital
Jules: Watching Girl Interrupted six times doesn´t make you an expert
Shawn: No, but seven does. Gus and I Netflix it last night

Gus: Where´s Lisa, where´s Lisa?… that´s from the movie
Jules: You guys are the only ones who got it
Shawn: Besides Winona Ryder

Gus: Oh my God, are those Lakers tickets in your pocket?

Bernie Bethel: You can get Skittles in here?
Shawn: I can do anything

Wendell: On the meeting is using a t-shirt that reads: “I see dumb people”

Shawn: Lavender?
Lavender: My parents were hippies
Gus: Evil hippies
Shawn: Aren´t they all
Gus: You know that´s right

Shawn: What are you telling me? That you are a Kenny G fan?
Gus: A little bit, yes. This song

Psych S06E07 – In For a Penny:

Lassiter: Idiots!
Jules: What he said

Shawn: Ok, we are nervous about three things Gary Busey
Gus: Gary Busey
Shawn: And your 30th birthday bash

Shawn: Gus, there are three certain things about women that no one understands except for me and NBC anchor Brian Williams

Frank: I was referred to as a modern day Robin Hood by many of my colleagues

Shawn: Do you honestly think that Gus and I were born on the Fourth of July?
Gus: Or yesterday?
Shawn: Or To Run?

Shawn: Behind every great man is a great woman. And in that case, that woman is an intelligent, sophisticated, full foreheaded stallion named Burton, and she´s black, and she can dance. I need you on this buddy, because total shifts are tricky for me, and this is getting serious, come on… Foghorn needs Leghorn
Gus: They are the same rooster Shawn
Shawn: Exactly
Gus: Fine

Shawn: Jules, when a man loves a woman…
Jules: Shawn!

Shawn: This is like the end of The Town. Which makes me the guy from Mad Men, Gus is Affleck and Jules is Minnie Driver.
Gus: You just mashed The Town with Good Will Hunting

Shawn: That was Mr Ed if he was Irish

Frank: That song you sang, Time After Time was beautiful choice. You sounded like an angel

Psych S06E08 – The Tao of Gus:

Gus: I wanna die and come back as that peach scarf
Shawn: I thought you wanted to die and comeback as Skinny Elvis
Gus: No, you wanted to die and comeback as Skinny Elvis. I wanted to come back as Black Michael Jackson
Shawn: Now you are downgrading to a scarf
Gus: You know that´s right

Jules: I want to apologize for my creepy colleague

Jules: Don´t go anywhere near this one
Gus: Why is that?
Lassiter: Because she is crazier than Janice Dickinson. That girl has clearly been doing too much of this (He does a smoking weed face)
Gus: Suffering from hemhorroid pain?
Shawn: Doing an inaccurate impression of Dr Evil´s face?

Lassiter: All she did in the interrogation room was three circle doodles
Shawn: Maybe a snowman did it

Gus: I feel a case coming, and it´s coming hard
Shawn: That´s the creepiest euphemism of all time

Shawn: Gus, we may have a Children of the Corn situation happening here

(The music playing in the scene is the same as in Dexter´s kill scenes).

Shawn: We have tickets for a screening of Xanadu for 6:30

Shawn: Dude, this is like Footloose. That means I´m Bacon and you are Lori Singer.
Gus: Why am I the girl
Shawn: Because you just swung like that

Shawn: You were sucked into this thing because Nicole is hot in a Kate Hudson in Almost Famous kind of way and you are you.

Shawn: I can get the hell out of this place and Gus don´t end up robbing a bank, with a beret and a machine gun

Eli: This is a fully operational farm
Lassiter: Oh, I bet it is Cheech

Eli: Don´t listen to him, he is a slave to his own cinicism
Shawn: I´m a Slave to Love, Jack and Fashion. And of movies where dogs cover their eyes when couples get intimate around them.

Psych S06E09 – Neil Simon´s Love Retreat

Well, the whole episode is named after Neil Simon.

Gus walks to the song “All By Myself” and goes to the supermarket.

Lassiter: Do you and your shirts have a big weekend planned?
Henry: If by big weekend you mean watch the all day Mannix Marathon, then yes we do
Lassiter: Yeah, we don´t have plans either

Shawn: I think it would also be romantic if we took a nap in those pool floating things that look like Shamu

Shawn: What´s my damage? I´m gone five minutes and all of a sudden we are swingers? What is this? The Ice Storm?

Henry: I´m as young in the inside as these kids are in the outside
Gus: Yeah, but when you were this young in the outside, this was all farmland

Shawn: Stop saying The Resort is sorry for our loss. The Resort is a building, and unless it is Monsterhouse or the Overlook hotel.

Shawn: Bubbemeiser Hasselhoffer

Jules: You are acting like a child Shawn
Shawn: I´m not acting

Henry: Don´t you think I´m a little old for you?
Chelsea: No, I like older men, specially the bald and viril type, you know, Terry Bradshaw, Sean Connery, Dick Cheney

Shawn: It explains your face
Jerry: Is it that obvious?
Shawn: It looks like spam

Shawn: Houston, we have a problem.
Jules: Vacation´s over.

Gus: You never, ever tell a crazy chick where you are

Barbie: We worked in The Wild Stallion
Shawn: The Wild Stallion with Connie Sellecca?

Shawn: People are not always what they seem to be. Except on reality TV. We are all the Real Housewives of somewhere.

Shawn: No, Felipe, we want to Take the Long Way Home

Psych S06E10 – Indiana Shawn and the Temple of The Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger

The episode is based upon Indiana Jones

Shawn: What if our faces pop up on the Jumbotron, or what if I get selected from the audience to feed Shamu on Sea World

Shawn: I want you on one side and Jules on the other just as a Killer Whale jumps up over us

Gus: Really, you are going to threaten him by quoting Back to The Future?

Gus: Do you know what paraphrasing means, Shawn?
Shawn: It means “Suck it Gus”
Gus: It does not mean “Suck it Gus”

Gus: If you suggest Batman one more time, I´m gonna pluck your ear, Shawn

Jules: I get it: He is Indiana Jones and Howard Hughes

Shawn dressed as Indiana Jones

Shawn: You are just jealous because there´s no black dudes on “Raiders”

Jules: Lassiter please, pretend you are a person

Shawn: You are not my boss
Gus: I´m your conscience
Shawn: Tony Cox is my conscience

Shawn: They want jokes. They want Jeff Goldblum´s impressions. They want ironic yuxtapositions of Rick Springfield lyrics.

Shawn: If we learned anything from FX and FX2 is that everything can be faked, and that Bryan Brown can´t carrie a movie
Gus: What about Full Body Massage?

Henry: He cried on Benji Haunted

Shawn: Golden Globe goes to… Angelina Jolie on The Tourist. I´m kidding, everybody knows she didn´t win. She should have.

Desperaux: Don´t you just hate people who kill you- (Not a pop reference, but a great quote)

Desperaux: I´ve seen 127 hours and Ughhhh

Gus: It´s a Genie
Desperaux: It´s not a Genie
Shawn: Don´t be ridiculous; Genies come in bottles

Shawn: Maybe it´s a Thomas Kincaid
Gus: Shawn, you need to learn another painter

Shawn: Gus Don´t be Lao Che
Gus: Who?
Shawn: The guy from Temple of Doom

Desperaux: Hello, Rembrandt

Psych S06E10 – Heeeeere´s Lassie:

Shawn: It´s in the safest place ever
Gus: Did you put it in the safe deposit box?
Shawn: Even better, a Thundercat

I see some Shining video references

They are getting some Ghostbusters equipment

Shawn: My name is Shawn Spencer, psychic detective for the SBPD. This is my partner Fellatio Del Toro.

Amy: Copy that Poncherello

Rosemary has a “baby”

Rosemary´s husband tells Shawn and Gus: Who ya gonna call?

A lot of different horror movies references.

Psycho reference in the shower.

The name of the business from Lassie´s neighbors is called “Frisky Business”

Shawn: My name is Shawn Spencer, and this is my partner Eddie Adams from Torrance

Lassiter: You can run but you can´t hide

Mr O´Hara: I was in Tanzania
Gus: Were you climbing the Kilimanjaro?
Shawn: Don´t make up words Gus… what were you doing in Australia?

Psych S06E12 – Shawn and The Real Girl:

Episode spoofs The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Shawn: My Name is Shawn Spencer and this my partner Lorenz Tate
Gus: That would be cool, but actually it´s Burton Guster

Shawn: I´ll pitch him some of my amazing reality ideas
Gus: No, no, no, please Shawn. All your ideas sound insane.
Shawn: You must be out of your damn mind: Punk my Mom, The Girl and The Bear, So You Think You Can Think You Can Dance, Don´t Touch That It´s Infected. These are all slam dunks.

Gus: Did you tell Jules about this?
Shawn: No, I most certainly did not

Jay: I sold this to NBC, NBC! They make classics, like Friends, and uh, uh…

Shawn: This is not a competition
Gus: Says the guy who´s gonna get kicked out first

Hilton Fox: Put one guy in a black suit and line him up along the Backstreet Boys

Hilton Fox: That´s so 90´s Huxtable

Jules: That is cheating, right?
Lassiter: Absolutely

Melinda: I´m trying to get a read from his friend Gus, kinda reminds me of Bud from the Cosby Show

Gus: Don´t worry Shawn, The Jackal is here

Shawn: In the end my charm may be too much for her to resist
Jules: You kiss her, you die
Shawn: Duly noted

Melinda: What´s it with you guys. You look like you are more into each other than into me

Shawn: I have a confesion to make, I´m not a doctor
Melinda: Yeah, I kinda got that one, when you said you graduated from Bob Hoskins medical school

Hilton: I´m starring in a Tyler Perry kind of film called: “I ain´t getting on no rocket”

Psych S06E13  – Let´s Doo Wop it Again:

Shawn: We all know every black band needs a white talking person. Black Eyed Peas has Fergie, DeBarge had DeBarge, and then there´s the hasidic rapper Matisyahu.
Gus: He´s a solo artist
Shawn: Yes, but it´s still weird, right, Gus

Shawn: Kudos on the Asian Lori Patty look
Tina: Congratulations on your skinny Chaz Bono look

The song performed by Blackapella was just awesome!!!

Shawn: I´m gonna spend the rest of my life in a bubble, just like the movie I´m writing
Gus: They´ve already made two bubble movies, Shawn
Shawn: Yeah, but mine is gonna star Jake Gylenhall

Shawn: You are my woman… put a baby in me
Jules: This is not the time Shawn

Lassiter: What happened to real nicknames like Mad Dog or El Diablo; Lil Sis sounds like a character in Family Circus

Lassiter: I am not gonna discuss police work with you and the Pips

Lassiter: On the other hand, you and the O´Jays maybe onto something

Lassiter: You watch your mouth Barry White, that´s my lady
Lassiter: Meanwhile, you, wind and fire, stay out of my way

Shawn: Look at it this way. I´m finally using this thing other than to play Fruit Ninja

Drake: Black guys don´t make it out in the movies in these situations alive
Shawn: Oh, don´t be ridiculous, Drake, LL Cool J survived Michael Myers, Great White Sharks and Queen Latifah
Drake: Holiday wasn´t a horror movie
Shawn: It wasn´t?

Tina: You don´t know nothing “Guy on the screen I think I met once”

Gus: iPad Shawn is not braver than real Shawn

Shawn: It´s either a Burmese Tiger or Sandra Bernhart sitting on a sprinkler

Lassiter: Since when are you in charge Guster?

Shawn: Don´t you dare go Elephant Man on me Gus

Lassiter: Luckily I´m wearing my probable cause door kicking shoes

Shawn: Gus would you be a man! Be a Man!

Woody: You might have thought Chewbacca shot him

Shawn: Is it Prince Marky D from the Fat Boys?

Deacon: I was on a banana sled with you
Shawn: Feel the feel baby, feel the feel

Psych S06E14 – Autopsy Turvy:

The episode references Topsy Turvy and the complete name is Guillermo Del Toro presents: Autopsy Turvy

Woody: We were also briefly, lovers
Jules: Ew

Shawn: Ok, If The Woodman says it was an accident, then so do we

Shawn: Don´t worry, we will do it Pro Bono. We´ll be all Haley Joel Osment “Pay it Forward”
Gus: Why can´t we be Haley Joel Osment and get paid, like he did on Country Bears?
Shawn: HJO was in Country Bears?
Lassiter: He played a bear named Barry Barryngton
Shawn: Oh My God, is there anything this kid can´t do?
Lassiter: Well, he´s not a kid anymore. He is technically a young man

Gus: Dude, we have already hung out with too many crazy white people this year

Woody: If there´s a murder to be solved, no one is better than me. No one! Well, maybe Gary Sinise… maybe Sinise.

Shawn: Where the hell are we?
Gus: When the hell are we?

Gus: This is all you Shawny boy
Shawn: Suck it up, Gus

Miss Ivana: You are thinking wether Ted Knight and JJ Bullock had anything to talk about in the set of Too Close for Comfort

Miss Ivana turns a tarot card of Death and it´s the image of Darth Vader.

Whip: Would it be too out of order to make a quick stop at Arby´s?
Shawn: No, it would not

Shawn: I gotta tell you Lassie, investigating this neighborhood has been pretty bizarre, underbelly, kinda like After Hours
Gus: Without the comforting presence of Griffin Dunn

Woody: I may need to change my Facebook relationship status to “It´s Complicated”

Woody: As it turns out we still enjoy both Jerry Garcia and Cherry Garcia

Shawn: It´s like Blair Underwood in Just Cause and you´ll pass

Gus: I don´t want to bludgeon you

Shawn: I think we gotta roll, Woodster, I got back to back episodes of Hot in Cleveland on TiVo

Shawn: You gonna drink a dead man´s Youhoo?
Gus: You gotta put that image in my head, did you?

Grace: What is all that?
Woody: You don´t wanna know. Let´s pretend we are doing an episode of Red Show Diaries

Woody: I´m not ready to die. I haven´t yet seen Gwen Stefani in concert, please!

Psych S06E15 – True Grits:

The episode name references True Grit

Thane: There was among us a fellow fixing to kill you once he comes out.
Shawn: Why just me? This is a two men team
Gus: Stop snitching Shawn

Shawn: Fight the power!

Shawn: Just because you put syrup on something, doesn´t make it pancakes

Shawn: Once upon a time, a poor country boy in search for a better life, brushes off his overall, hops in a freight and leave the dusty roads of Georgia behind
Gus: Shawn, that´s Grapes of Wrath, and it wasn´t a freight and it wasn´t in Georgia. Thane wasn´t alive then
Shawn: He didn´t have formal education, but he knew a hundred uses for the peanut
Gus: That´s George Washington Carver. Thane has a masters in culinary arts
Shawn: So he moves to Santa Barbara on a horse
Gus: That one is right

Lassiter: Which is why they are high in my list of enemies; right behind Internal Affairs, UNICEF and Lance Bass.

Shawn: I threw the comics yesterday, right before Gus had the chance to read Foxtrot

Shawn: Excuse you? What do you think this is? Law & Order?

Gus: And has a chance to a new life, like in Carlito´s Way

Thane: Who are you? The Math police?

Shawn: No, Thane, much like Lady Gaga, I was Born This Way

Jules: Don´t forget to TiVO The Voice

Lassiter: How many get out of jail free cards does one get?
Shawn: Duh, too. One in Chance and one in Community Chess

Henry: Love lasts, money doesn´t

Shawn: You just said Love Lasts
Henry: Lasts longer when you have money in the bank

Lassiter: Henry´s checking on Codis
Shawn: Superman´s home planet
Gus: Man, you know that´s Krypton

Gus: 1981? Carl was eight years old
Shawn: That means Carl is like Benjamin Button
Gus: What? That does not make any sense at all, Shawn

Psych S06E16 – Season Finale – Santabarbaratown:

Woody: She was quite a looker… still is

Chief Vick: Do you have any other bombshells for me?
Shawn: Did you see the finale of The Bachelorette
Chief Vick: Yes
Shawn: Then no, I don´t

Shawn: Certainly didn´t seem like the murdering type; but then again, neither did Matthew McConaughey´s character on The Lincoln Lawyer
Gus: Ryan Philippe was the killer on that movie
Shawn: Really? I never saw it

Gus: There´s something about older women in inappropriate outfits keeping it nice and tight
Shawn: Gus, come on, she´s old enough to be your mother´s younger, sexier… I get it
Gus: See?

Gus: Sorry, I had my mouth full of M&M´s

Shawn: I got six bucks and a picture of Mary Stuart Masterson on my wallet. It´s all yours

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