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Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi
Steven This show is full of the usual stereotypical characters that Americans so like, wimpy females or other extreme females with so called 'Balls' who if you say Boo to would crumple in a heap, even the tough females have their hair products and lipstick! The men usual 'hard ass' male stereotypes that no one believes or wants! The American producer 'Steven Spielberg' potrays American society as invincible which everyone knows is simply not the case as it has had its 'Butt' kicked many many times. If we are going to be have 'overhyped' scifi make it good, we don't want unbelieveable scenarios where a bunch of social misfits with psychological problems can outsmart aliens which have travelled across space, are technologically advanced yet have weaponary that seems to miss most peoplebecause they are in the '2nd mass'. If I had the choice I would shoot the 2nd, 3rd and 4th mass myself! Watching 'Falling skies' is like watching a bunch of deranged people wandering about with guns trying to deal with their social problems rather than getting on with the matter at hand, Like 'Dallas' without the fancy clothes. Spielberg needs to return to his early days and learn people want believable scenarios and characters that work in the positions they find themselves in. Moon Bloodgood talking about her criminal days & 'Having a baby' and all the usual American drivel needs to be parked on the back burner and for the viewing audience not to be subjected to 'Dr Assholes' Psycholgy hour for the deranged. We want more believable characters are more representative scenarios as to an attack by a vastly more powerful enemy would represent.
Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi
draginjim I was jumping for joy it was renewed but I also loved V and seveal others that was canceled. Shows like The Event, Stargate SGU, seem we Lost fans have no home anymore.
Nicole My husband and I love this program. Hope it is here to stay. Would like to know when the new season starts. Today is December 5th 2011.