survivor-fan-map-locationsAfter doing Storage Wars Map, Alcatraz Locations Map and Covert Affairs Locations and Missions Map, the Pretty Little Liars Map and the Glee fan Map, it was time to do the show that has traveled the world in 24 seasons so far: Survivor. We even show where is Season 24 Survivor One World Filmed: Upolu Samoa, What is in this Survivor Locations Map?

The complete list of Survivor places for the tribes to go at it.

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Here´s the full list of references so you can search the one you are most interested in:

survivor locations Map References

1- Season 1 – Survivor Borneo
It was actually played in the Island of Pulau Tiga in Malaysia

2- Season 2 – Survivor Australia
It was in Goshen Station, Northern Queensland, 3 hours drive from Cairns

3- Season 3 – Survivor Africa
It was filmed in the Shaba National Reserve in Kenya

4- Season 4 – Marquesas
Filmed in Marquesas Islands. A Backup location, after production decided not to go to Jordan

5- Season 5 – Thailand
Filmed in the Island of Ko Tarutao

6- Season 6 – Survivor Amazonas
Filmed in Rio Negro, in the Brazilian Amazonas

7- Season 7 – Survivor Pearl Islands – Season 8 – All Stars – Season 12 – Survivor Exile Island
Filmed in Pearl Island, just off the coast of Panama
All Stars Season was filmed in the same place right after season 7
Exile Island was also filmed there.

8- Season 9 – Survivor Vanuatu Island of Fire
Filmed in Vanuatu, a chain of volcanic islands in the South Pacific.

9- Season 10 – Survivor Palau – Season 16 – Survivor Micronesia
Filmed in Palau Island. Earned Survivor an Emmy Award
They went back there for Micronesia season

10- Season 11 – Survivor Guatemala
Filmed at Tikal National Park

11- Season 13 – Survivor Cook Island
The respective tribes’ names were Manihiki (“Hiki”), Puka Puka (“Puka”), Aitutaki (“Aitu”), and Rarotonga (“Raro”). These four tribes were named after islands located in the Cook Islands.

12- Season 14 – Fiji
Filmed in the Fiji Islands

13- Season 15 – China
The Season started in Shanghai

14- Season 17 – Survivor Gabon
Filmed in Wonga Wongue Reserve.
First Season in HD

15- Season 18 – Survivor Tocantins
Filmed in Jalapao, Tocantins in Brazil

16- Season 19 – Survivor Samoa
Filmed in Samoa

17- Season 20 – Heroes Vs Villains – Season 23 – Survivor South Pacific – Survivor 24 – One World
Filmed in Upolu, Samoa

18- Season 21 – Survivor Nicaragua – Season 22 – Survivor Redemption Island
Both seasons filmed in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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