woody-the-coroner-infographicWoody the Coroner is one of the new additions in terms of being a regular character, as the forensic specialist for the Santa Barbara Police Department on the hilarious show Psych, that even though he is a secondary character; there´s a lot of people who loves him and wants more Woody time on air. So in honor of him and his fans, I created this Infographic about Woody the Coroner… while we wait until February when the show returns for season seven.

I am going to create several Infographics about each character of Psych, but also Infographics about the best characters on TV and some other TV Infographics.

You can check out Lassiter´s InfographicJules O´Hara Infographic and Chief Karen Vick Infographic and the Infographic about Buzz McNab, and now let´s see the Infographic about Woody the Coroner to see how much you know about him. Now added: Henry Spencer´s Infographic and Burton Guster Infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC ABOUT woody the coroner FROM PSYCH – PLAYED BY kurt fuller