Psych-Gus-Burton-Guster-Dule-Hill-InfographicPsych is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest show on TV these days, and since it is still some time away from the new season premiere. As part of the countdown for it, I am going to explore some of the best treats of Dulé Hill´s character: Gus.

So in honor of him and his fans, I created this Infographic about Burton Guster… while we wait until February 27th when the show returns for season seven.

I am going to create several Infographics about each character of Psych, but also Infographics about the best characters on TV and some other TV Infographics.

You can check out Lassiter´s InfographicJules O´Hara Infographic and Chief Karen Vick Infographic, the Infographic about Buzz McNab, Woody the Coroner´s Infographic and Henry Spencer´s Infographic. And now let´s see the Infographic about Henry Spencer to see how much you know about him.

INFOGRAPHIC ABOUT burton “gus” guster FROM PSYCH – PLAYED BY dulé hill


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