ae-cancels-the-hasselhoffs-cancelled-renewedWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of the season.

This fall season, a lot of shows are falling like crazy. NBC already cancelled Outlaw, ABC Family cancelled Huge, Fox cancelled Lone Star, ABC cancelled My Generation, and also cancelled The Whole Truth, and MTV cancelled The City in its second season, and HBO cancelled Big Love at its fifth and NBC cancelled Undercovers, and Supernanny gets cancelled so Jo Frost can move on, and Disney cancelled Jonas LA, or the sad sad news about Rubicon getting cancelled, and the cancellation for Medium and Dark Blue, even Cartoon Network cancelled Unnatural History, a show that looked good, and the one that hurts most, cancellation of Terriers.

Some are getting renewed, since HBO renews Eastbound & Down for season three, and also renews Bored to Death for season three and TLC renewed Sister Wives, and NBC renews Days of Our Lives and a double season renewal for 30 Rock, Fox renews The Simpsons where TruTV renewed Hardcore Pawns and TLC renewed Freaky Eaters. Meanwhile Syfy renewed Fact or Fake: Paranormal Files and also renewed Hollywood Treasure and Ghost Hunters International, while Disney XD renewed Pair of Kings, and Showtime renewed Dexter for two seasons.

This time, it is a thank lord for our brains kind of news. A&E cancelled The Hasselhoffs, after only airing two episodes, and pulled the show out of the air STat.

The show, which followed the David Hasselhoff as he helps his daughters break into the entertainment business, drew only 718,000 viewers for its premiere and dropped to 505,000 viewers in the second episode.

So, not only the show was kind of bad, but also, the numbers weren´t there.

Hence, A&E Cancels The Hasselhoffs. What do you think? Are you sad or happy A&E cancelled The Hasselhoffs after two episodes? Let me know in the comments section.

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